Media Shoots – Health & Safety

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This year our students are making music videos. Last academic year the Media Studies department organised a filming day, this year the students are responsible for planning and coordinating their own video shoots.

As part of any out of school activity students need to be aware of the risks and put in measures to mitigate those. As parents and guardians it is essential that you are aware of their planned shoots, so that you can be involved in the risk assessment process and are aware of our departmental policy regarding risk assessment. That policy is laid out in this letter:

Risk Assess Health and Safety Letter

Our generic risk assessment form is below. This is provided, so as to make you aware about the ground rules, our expectations and any sanctions we may put in place if the rules aren’t followed.

Generic Risk Assessment for Parents

Furthermore will be require students to complete a site specific risk assessment, which must be discussed with teacher prior to any agreement to shoot being given. We would also like an email confirmation from you to inform us that you are aware and that your consent is given. This site specific form is below:

Filming Risk Assessment

We have sent paper copies of the first two documents home with each of the students, we  require a parental signature before we can permit shooting during school hours.

Thanks for you continued support,

Ed Gregson & Jess Cobb

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