Draft 2 for Friday – last minute advice

Remember, by Friday we would like a draft on your blog that has both narrative and performance in so that we can give you some detailed feedback.

You can carry on filming over half term for any missing shots you know you have but once we are back after half-term, all lessons will be devoted to the Digipak and Advert design. You can keep editing, fine tuning and do any last minute pick-up shots but it will all have to be in your own time.  You also have all day on the Monday 30th October as this is an INSET day and the rooms will be open for you to edit. You may have to negotiate terminals with other groups.

We will also  be doing many of the essays next term so you need to clear the decks. One of the essays is being set this week.

We are harrying you for your own good. The light, the weather and the motivation will quickly disappear next half term. It is in your own interests that you work your socks off this week to break the back of the filming and editing. It will also mean that there is a draft video on your blog that we could enter for moderation if you then broke your arm!

Good luck. We know you can do it.
Mr G and Mrs C

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