Conventions of a magazine advert for album

You need to annotate an advert for a digipak from your performer or a similar artist from your genre.  Find the advert for the DP that you annotated if you can, if not find another advert that has a DP cover that you can include in your annotation to highlight the similarities. Whatever happens, the advert should be for your Genre/Performer.  Deconstruct it for meaning Рwhy colours, fonts, composition, images, register have been used in the way they have. Some of the DP analysis were not particularly detailed enough as textual analysis so take this chance to show the examiner that you can decode, read and understand how media language is used in print texts.


Conventions of a Magazine Ad for an Album


  • A = Attention – does it catch up eye, stand out, stop you flicking through the pages?
  • I = Interest – now that it has caught your eye, does it make you want to find out more?
  • D = Desire – the purpose of all advertising is to make you WANT/DESIRE something – does the advert make you want to buy the album?
  • A = Action – does the advert tell you what you have to do to buy, download, stream engage with the product – part with your money?
Labelled Magazine Ad – Example

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