Mock Preparation

You will have 1 hr to write responses to section 1a – Skills and section 1b – Concepts:  Allow 5 minutes for planning and 25 minutes to write.  There are 25 marks available for each answer and you should focus on using the TEAS structure.

You need to double check when your Media exam is.

The mock Concept question will be on AUDIENCE.

  • You need to ensure you understand Hall (Audience) and also include Barthes (Media Language which encodes meaning for an audience) and probably reference to Genre (Expectations and Predictable Please) and even Dyer (Star Image).
    • Remember the exam is not on the theorists; you should only use them to explore the impact of the concept on specific examples from your text!
  • Ensure you know which product you are going to dissect in reference to Audience.
  • Ensure you have a good definition of what you understand Audience to be.
  • Examiners’ report:
  • Theorist’s Booklet
  • Suggested Essay Structure
  • See Classroom or use this and take a copy of a template that you can fill in and help you streamline your examples and the terms you should be using in conjunction with the examples.
  • Exemplar

The mock Skills question be on RESEARCH AND PLANNING.

  • Use your skills template stories and prepare at least 4 skills stories that show progression. Use your Skills Template in classroom.
    • Remember to keep to the R&P stage.
  • Refine a good definition of what you understand R&P to be, its function and a short list of the kind of RP you did.
    • Then get stuck in to @ 4 different skills stories about skills you employed in the RP stage of the process.
  • Feedback caveat from examiners report: *The Examiner is keen to point out that Conventions research should be kept to a minimum in RP as Conventions has its own section in 1a. However, if you do mention it, you must focus on the ways you researched texts and the effect the results had on your product.
  • Examiners’ report.
  • Suggested structure
  • Exemplar


Remember, we expect to see you in school next Friday if your evaluation questions and blog are incomplete. We start moderating over half-term.

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