Snow + Year 13 = work? Booooo

Dear Year 13 students,

Just a reminder that we move on next week to Postmodernism so all your outstanding tweaks and ordering, branding of your blog needs to be done by the end of school on Friday.

There is an essay on Classroom for you to plan and submit that we would have been doing in class this week.  It is a Post-production Skills essay so you should be able to use a lot of your production skills stories from your blog as examples as long as you have stories from earlier on in the course to show the progression of that particular skill. Always remember to have a specific anecdote to illustrate the impact the skill had on the product. Submission is Monday 4th March.

Here is some initial feedback from the Mock exam which you should read so that this Skills essay does not make any similar mistakes. Mr Gregson and Mrs Cobb will be going through your essays individually.

Good luck and take the opportunity of some home time to get on top of stuff.

Mrs Cobb and Mr Gregson

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