POMO – Postmodern Contexts Slideshare – Independent Study

There are three broad areas of research to help you give Postmodernism a framework, a context which will help you understand Postmodernism:

  1. History
  2. Culture
  3. Style

individually research one of the key contextual areas. Find images and single sentences try and explain the meaning or significance of the following.

Use the links and presentations in the following post to help you with ideas. We will go through the powerpoint in the next lesson.


  • The Enlightenment (The Age of Reason)
  • WW1 (Industrialisation of War)
  • WW2 (The Holocaust & Nuclear Bombs dropped on Japan)


  • Modernism (When? Who? What are the modernists trying to achieve?)
  • The Rise of Mass Media (The ‘mass’ audience)
  • The death of the author (Barthes)


  • Subverting Convention (Playing with Previous Texts)
  • What is Art? (Challenging high art / low art)
  • Remixing Previous Ideas (Eclecticism)


  • Lyotard
  • Baudrillard
  • Frederic Jameson

Create 2 google slides,  for each subsection of your research. It should include one or two images and at the most one sentence per image, which explain why they are significant in understanding Postmodernism. Find examples that illustrate the findings too.

Your teacher will be around to discuss your research, but don’t ask for help until you have explored  at least three research sources.


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