Conventions – Skills -LAST SKILLS ESSAY

Explain how far your understanding of the conventions of existing media influenced the way you created your own media products. Refer to a range of examples in your answer to show how this understanding developed over time. (25 marks).’

As Conventions is a fairly odd ‘skill’, the way we suggest you tackle this is slightly different to the other Skills. As the conventions for the different projects are all different, it might be easier to analyse how your development of skills in using conventions is documented in terms of how you learnt to USE, DEVELOP AND CHALLENGE THEM.

In other words trace your journey from knowing nothing of the importance or use of conventions to your knowledge and understanding of conventions at the end of the course, when you understood the importance of conventions but also had the ability to challenge and subvert them for creative purposes.

So we recommend you tackle this CHRONOLOGICALLY, from Product to Product.

You also need to remember some specific real professional texts that you can cite as inspiration and vehicles that inspired your understanding of conventions and specifically how they IMPACTED/INFLUENCED  YOUR PRODUCTS.

Fill in your Skills Template with some Conventions stories – you will need to add Thriller as it is missing.

You should also review your Conventions evaluation questions on the blog for the Thriller and Music Video/Digipak to refresh your memory on how you used, developed, challenged conventions.



You will be completing this in timed conditions on Friday so get prepping.


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