Music Video Form & Conventions

Below is a task I was set where I needed to watch four music videos and write about what i have learnt about them –

  • Generic MeS
  • Themes + Impact
  • Type of narrative and structure

In this exercise I learnt how to identify the key features and conventions of a music video.

A music video is a message to the audience, entertain and the main purpose of music videos is to promote artists and promote brands. But it’s mainly to promote the track.

Throughout this task I learnt about 3 different narratives that a music video may use –

  • Illustration – The narrative in the music video very closely echos the lyrics and music.
  • Amplification – The narrative whilst inspired by the song adds a new element to compliment the song
  • Disjuncture – The narrative seems to hold very little relationship to the song and seems quite random

The music videos can go 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Narrative Videos 
  2. Performance Videos 
  3. Combination Videos 

I have learnt that music videos include so many aspects all being so important from Mis-En-Scene to camera angles to editing, and I will keep all these factors in mind when creating my music video. A music video is also promoting the artist like an advert.

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