Favourite Music Video from Former Student

Above is a video I have chosen from the class of 2019. It has a group of people filming in it however only one person is the star the others are their for the narrative. It has a few different locations used. Props are included for example instruments. There are a variety of shots but my favourite is near the end when it starts off as a long shot but they walk towards the camera.

What I like –

  • The choice of scenery for example the geht and the place that’s like a maze of walls
  • Different outfits and different makeup but every detail is thought of like jewelry
  • The narrative when the couple are good but then have problems was shown clearly

Even better if –

  • I think adding in some panning shots or shots where the camera is moving instead of the people all the time
  • Different angles/ more extreme angles
  • The fight should of been more physical which would of contributed to acting in Mise-En-Scene.


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