Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise

Taking the footage from the College of FE, I tried my best to lip sync it to the original track. I was unable to use premiere pro however I adapted to using we video.

I played around with some of the transitions I was able to use and some of the filters and created a 50 second clip.

Lip syncing is important to the star image because some stars want to portray certain emotions with their expression so lip syncing presents a realistic way to do so. Also it adds more of a realistic aspect throughout the music video where the audience can trust the star and really listen to what they are singing.

Tips for a performer in advance:

  • Encourage performer the learn the words, or at least familiarise themselves
  • Don’t over pronunciate as it can make it look fake
  • Don’t just stand still, listen to the beat of music
  • Give energy

I think it important to get an actor who ‘looks like the voice’ because the key idea is to suspend the disbelief that the performer you chose is not singer. Also the performer needs to fit with the sound of the voice as if they looked completely different to the grain of voice it would immediately look unreal.

What I have learnt from WeVideo:

  • I have learnt to add transitions which has made changing from one clip to another a smoother process
  • I learnt how to cut clips to get small snippets I want to use in different places
  • I learnt how to add some filters to add something new to the clips

What I would do to improve:

  • Get a range of clips, aand camera angles such as close ups, group shots, duets and solos
  • Ask the performer to move a bit or just move to the beat
  • take more time with the filters and explore a bit more
  • Try some of the rewind effects ect
  • Faster edits

This task has made some clear points I will look out for when filming my music video, and also when editing.

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