Music Video Draft 4

Here is our Draft 4 music video and a screen castify of targets our teacher has done below.

Targets For Improvement –

  • Get rid of the boarders – Not meant to be there
  • Sound effects odd if there isn’t more
  • Likes dissolves transitions
  • Not the twirl transition – looks clich√©
  • ¬†Likes cutting mid sentence
  • Likes neon flash transition
  • Likes the mirror effect – Do it somewhere else?
  • Some nature shots in black and white and some in colour need continuity
  • Make ghoshting bigger front 1min 30 ish
  • Weird nature shot of grass 1 min 30 ish
  • 1 min 40 ish create a similar ghosting on same vid but for other side
  • 2 min sunset get frame dissolved as too sharp
  • 2 min cut to scale in shot after she lifts her head up
  • Nature needs to be dissolved in and out so they arn’t harsh
  • 2 min 30 weird transition CHANGE
  • 2 min 32 slow down the nature as it can dissolve in n out
  • 2 min 47 not sure of shot as naturalistic moment
  • 2 min 50 doesn’t like black and white clips
  • 3 min 10 ghost her both sides
  • 3 min 15 change nature shot from sky to something specific
  • 3 min 20 ish fade harsh boarder on frame
  • Likes flowers in eye at the end
  • Make the eye clip longer and play with it more
  • Really look at transitions and speed
  • Last clip – should stay with her not the other clip.

Comments from Audience –

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