Social Media page Draft 1 self assessment

Here is Draft 1 of our social media page, a link is attached where you can access the instagram page.  We have included key factors within our page such as; content, synergy, cross media convergence, promotion of live events, a call to action, sell physical copies Dyer’s paradox of the star (ordinary and extraordinary), interaction/engagement.

Screen castify –

Teacher feedback –

    • Nice pinterest board
    • Respond to comments add info like yes to charity she loves dogs and works at GSPCA
    • Nice post linked with mental health
    • Respond to fav place post – expand on it like why is it fav place
    • When is music coming as said soon but when
    • where is music video on social media page
    • Fun in the studio – is it in preparation for digipack??
    • Merch – how to get it ? link + prices
    • Front of CD
    • Tours – need link for tickets or something
    • If going to festival this year add in links and hashtags
    • More hashtags
    • Make a gif for video ??
    • Another cross media convergence – maybe appear on TV or radio show

Self feedback –

  • Not sure if the purple boarder is needed as they don’t all have to link and it’s unconventional in a social media page
  • The captions need to be more personal and realistic
  • Merch photos could have a black boarder around the pictures to make them stand out more
  • Maybe add in some gifs/video
  • Another cross media convergence
  • Add in a call to action like her going on radio/TV
  • Add in a selfie and maybe say going live to add in more ways to interact with the audience

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