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A New Improved Complete Magazine Draft

Below are is my newly improved product –

Final targets –

  • Align coverline centre
  • Move november 2019
  • Move coverline down – Alice
  • Smaller plug
  • Change font no serif on contents page especially
  • Add new headline with photo with Fran
  • Get rid of hyphen
  • Insert headline caption
  • Alice side caption – takeaway newest star
  • Add boxes and lines on contents page for effect


Below are two adverts that I will be putting into my magazine. From looking back at the dating profile I created which fits for my target audience it helped me choose appropriate adverts.

I want to use these two adverts because –

  • They are bold but simple
  • They fit in with my genre
  • They link with music and my target audience
  • They would appeal for my target audience’s interest’s
  • They fit the average age being earlier 20’s
  • They are well known
  • Both relate to the genre


Complete Magazine Draft

Feedback –

  • House style coming across
  • Nice plug and logo
  • Not keen on black and white checkered board effect
  • Seems colour scheme is very basic
  • Nice inserts on contents page
  • Main cover line in block capitals + extra information in lower case
  • Group photo seems squashed
  • Like the extra box
  • Not sure on photo of Alice in different outfit
  • Photos seem a bit squished
  • Nice how text is wrapped around image
  • Photography by bit is too big
  • Watch for spelling mistakes

Targets –

  • Cover lines need to be more music based
  • Add another colour (yellow?)
  • Align numbers on contents page
  • Make number bigger and bolder
  • Get creative with main cover line and extra info
  • Have more extra boxes and add more colour in
  • Look at proportions on DPS picture
  • Make sure page number correspond with contents page number
  • Add standfirst on DPS
  • Need a byline

A New Improved Contents Page

Below I have my first draft of my contents page next to my second draft.

As you can see I changed the design, added in lots of information, more effects, and different fonts. Yet there is still room for improvement, so I asked a friend to give me some feedback and set me some targets to help me improve. We did this by recording our conversation which is below –

2 Main targets given –

  • Change fonts to fit to genre more
  • Group photo either needs to be changed or resized

Draft of Content Page

This is my first draft for my contents page.

Whats next?

  • Add information such as subheadings
  • Add catchy captions
  • Not keen on the background behind the 3 pictures at the bottom so have a play with that
  • Add page number
  • Mention name of magazine again

What is a Contents Page?

A contents page is a crucial aspect which informs the reader where to look for each section. It is important to be eye-catching but not over creative as its main purpose is to let the reader easily  locate what they are interested in reading about.

I want to be able to make my contents page clear and simple while also giving the correct and vital information for the audience. In the photo it displays some of my ideas for a design while also including 5 catch phrases I thought of from brainstorming.

What should a contents include:

  • Page numbers
  • Page titles
  • Catchy subheading
  • Colour and design
  • Photos

While creating my contents page I will keep in mind AIDA and Blumler and Katz ideas.

A- attract     I- interest     D- create desire   A- call to action 

-Entertain    -Inform/Educate    -Social Interaction    -Personal Identity

A New Improved DPS

Above is my new and improved draft. 

Changes & why  :

  • Colour scheme – Fit better with the pictures especially since a sunset photo has been used I thought yellow would be fitting
  • Photo – Better quality photo and more natural for the audience to relate to
  • Fonts – To be more eye catching to portray creativity
  • Design – To be more creative and attention grabbing, also different which conveys individuality for the magazine
  • Title – To grab the audience in and also intrigue them to read on

Draft of The Double Page Spread

Here is my first draft of my double page spread. When the photo is in presentation it is clear to see.

My feedback –

  • Flip gradient but likes the idea
  • Likes big photo
  • Add some fun fonts
  • Add graphic illustrations

My Targets –

  • Add in what I actually want masthead to be and standfirst
  • switch gradient
  • try find a fun layout something unique
  • Add a drop capital
  • Byline
  • Unstretch photo


Second Shoot Contact Sheet(s)

Here are some contact sheets from my shoot –


These are 3 of my favorite photos –

We went on a location shoot to castle cornet. We were able to explore around while keeping safe to get some images that were more natural as well as having the chance to get more photos to add in for my magazine. I think it was a good idea to go out as I was able to get some different shots around. These are my favorite photos as they are all different, and I find they have a naturalistic but serious tone to it.

How I met my aims –

  • Took some photos outside
  • Close up photos
  • Outfits more casual