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Favourite Music Video from Former Student

Above is a video I have chosen from the class of 2019. It has a group of people filming in it however only one person is the star the others are their for the narrative. It has a few different locations used. Props are included for example instruments. There are a variety of shots but my favourite is near the end when it starts off as a long shot but they walk towards the camera.

What I like –

  • The choice of scenery for example the geht and the place that’s like a maze of walls
  • Different outfits and different makeup but every detail is thought of like jewelry
  • The narrative when the couple are good but then have problems was shown clearly

Even better if –

  • I think adding in some panning shots or shots where the camera is moving instead of the people all the time
  • Different angles/ more extreme angles
  • The fight should of been more physical which would of contributed to acting in Mise-En-Scene.


Detailed Music Video analysis

In this task we analysed two videos in depth in order to learn how to deconstruct the narrative, performance, star image and generic & technical conventions of a music video to help us with our music video when creating it. I learnt that inter textual references can be made in a narrative music video to highlight multiple key messages as well as the importance of the star image and camera movement.

We had another opportunity to look at another video and discontruct it again which enables us to see the difference in videos.

By doing these tasks I have learnt that when creating my music video I need to make it clear throughout my video if the song will be narrative, illustrative, amplified, or whether I want to use disjuncture. I will also take into consideration camera angles and features as this can have a massive impact on the video which I have learnt from watching these videos and having a go at creating a montage. I also need to make sure I put a lot of thought into Mise-en-Scene as this can really make a difference throughout the video.

Music Video Form & Conventions

Below is a task I was set where I needed to watch four music videos and write about what i have learnt about them –

  • Generic MeS
  • Themes + Impact
  • Type of narrative and structure

In this exercise I learnt how to identify the key features and conventions of a music video.

A music video is a message to the audience, entertain and the main purpose of music videos is to promote artists and promote brands. But it’s mainly to promote the track.

Throughout this task I learnt about 3 different narratives that a music video may use –

  • Illustration – The narrative in the music video very closely echos the lyrics and music.
  • Amplification – The narrative whilst inspired by the song adds a new element to compliment the song
  • Disjuncture – The narrative seems to hold very little relationship to the song and seems quite random

The music videos can go 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Narrative Videos 
  2. Performance Videos 
  3. Combination Videos 

I have learnt that music videos include so many aspects all being so important from Mis-En-Scene to camera angles to editing, and I will keep all these factors in mind when creating my music video. A music video is also promoting the artist like an advert.