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Social Media page Draft 1 self assessment

Here is Draft 1 of our social media page, a link is attached where you can access the instagram page.  We have included key factors within our page such as; content, synergy, cross media convergence, promotion of live events, a call to action, sell physical copies Dyer’s paradox of the star (ordinary and extraordinary), interaction/engagement.

Screen castify –

Teacher feedback –

    • Nice pinterest board
    • Respond to comments add info like yes to charity she loves dogs and works at GSPCA
    • Nice post linked with mental health
    • Respond to fav place post – expand on it like why is it fav place
    • When is music coming as said soon but when
    • where is music video on social media page
    • Fun in the studio – is it in preparation for digipack??
    • Merch – how to get it ? link + prices
    • Front of CD
    • Tours – need link for tickets or something
    • If going to festival this year add in links and hashtags
    • More hashtags
    • Make a gif for video ??
    • Another cross media convergence – maybe appear on TV or radio show

Self feedback –

  • Not sure if the purple boarder is needed as they don’t all have to link and it’s unconventional in a social media page
  • The captions need to be more personal and realistic
  • Merch photos could have a black boarder around the pictures to make them stand out more
  • Maybe add in some gifs/video
  • Another cross media convergence
  • Add in a call to action like her going on radio/TV
  • Add in a selfie and maybe say going live to add in more ways to interact with the audience

Timeline and Marketing ideas

Below is a plan our a timeline for our social media page and posts we aim to use. We have planned them so they are in chronological order and used our other tasks to help us get a clear idea of what we should include.  We want fans to be able to socially interact with the star as well as the star keeping it on a personal level. We want to be able to inform and promote as well as have an informal approach to keep the audience engaged and interested.

Some things the posts will include are; teasers, promotions, merchandise ect.

Audience interaction with a social media page – an analysis

Above is a screencastify from Jorja Smith’s facebook page, we chose her because she follows the same genre of our star. We deconstructed her professional social media page to give us an insight on what we should look into doing for ours. We looked at the theories such as Blumler and Katz, and the key terminology to help us realise what we need to include.

Social Media Page Terminology

Here I have created a slideshow of screen shots from a star who is from the same Genre we looked at which is R&B. Using some key terminology I deconstructed her posts and site and wrote about what she uses and how it may benefit her. This task was helpful in making it clear what we will need to include for our social media page.