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Print production draft two – Digi pack and Advert feedback

We went around and asked people what they thought about our  advert. Overall, the feedback was very reassuring, most people liked the design. These are the targets that Elliot and I have produced so that we can better our digi pack and advert.

  • Our initial advert picture was well received, we knew we wanted to use that one for our digi pack too. Now we just have to produce our digi pack with this picture.
  • Continue to add and correct the positioning of the advert.

These targets are going to help us to further our advert and produce our digi pack to the best of our standards

Print Production Draft 2 – Advert

This is our second draft of our Advert, we think we are close to finalising it because we like how it looks and we think it suits the digi pack well.

second FINAL ad mock up

We feel as though are advert is slowly coming together and will be completed soon as we think that it looks good and the feedback we have gotten says this too.



First digital mock up – Advert feedback

Our overall feedback was very positive and useful. We asked 10 people what they thought of our digital mock up. This feedback has enabled us to create a set of targets that we need to complete to get to the next stage of in completing our advert.

  • Centre the picture.
  • Writing is too small on the ‘out now’ – make it bigger.
  • The star rating, review, ‘out now’ and ‘island’ are too squashed together, spread them out.
  • Close the gap between ‘X Ambassadors’ and the image.
  • Lower the website url
  • Add more music sites such as Spotify.

We have produced these targets based on our feedback so after we make these changes I believe that we will be finished our advert and be able to move on.

First Digital Mock Up – Advert

This is the first draft of our advert, we need to change a few things around such as the spacing and add some more logos to the bottom of the advert.

First mock up ad

We think this idea is working well with our digi pack so far, we just need to carry on progressing them both.

Digi Pack Shoot Evaluation

We were very fortunate with the weather for our digi pack shoots, we did a total of three shoots. One with just Ben in the water, one with Tyler and Ben, and one more for the inside pictures with just Elliot and I. Overall, we feel as though these shoots have gone very smoothly, although sometimes the wind wasn’t on our side and made it difficult for us to style our performers.

Here is one of the shots we took from our first shoot

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 09.35.56

We aren’t going to use this picture though, as we took a number of better ones that are much more close up and make the audience focus on Ben rather than the surrounding scenery.

Next, we took a number of shots with Ben and Tyler

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 09.38.14

and another

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 09.38.25

We were extremely happy with all of the shots we took on this shoot because we have so many to work with and choose from.

Altogether, these shoots were very successful and we have all the shots that we wanted to get and more. We are going to be able to complete our digi pack very soon.


Digi Pack Contact Sheets

These are our contact sheets for our digi pack shoot. We feel like the shoot went really well overall and now we are going to choose the ones that we want to use for our digi pack.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 19.14.02

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 19.16.24

All of these pictures look good, but we just need to decide which ones look the best and will fit together nicely.

Draft 2 Feedback and Targets

We have analysed our feedback and we feel that our Music Video is almost finished. Overall, we generally got good, positive feedback.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.10.03

  • Good ratio of narrative to performance.
  • Colour correction.
  • Edited well and to the beat.
  • Fast paced editing works well to create tension.
  • Split Screens work well.
  • Good Mise-en-scene.
  • Good Camera angles and shots.

From our feedback, we have noticed that we need to do a lot more colour correction and some editing to the beat.

Draft 2

This is the second draft of our music video, we have done a lot of colour correction and added a few more video transitions to some more shots.

We listened to the feedback that we were given for our last draft and have made changes where possible, this has helped us to move our music video forward even further and helped us to come closer to finishing our video.

Draft 1 feedback

This feedback has been really helpful and has given us the next step in completing our music video. We have taken this feedback into account and will edit our video to what they are saying.

Getting this feedback has really helped us because we did think that we were almost finished our video, but now we realise that there is still so much to do to complete it and therefore we still have a lot of work ahead of us.

We still need to sync the music with the video a little bit more, this was one thing that did show up when getting feedback. Overall, this feedback is very positive and we feel like positive feedback is key to improving our video. The colour correction and more syncing of the music and video is going to be completed and then we feel as though our video will be finished.

Draft 1

This is our first full draft, we can see that there is still a lot to do but we feel like the video is definitely taking shape. We know what we have to do now to fix it from our feedback and will continue to improve on this draft.

We have experimented with split screens and with some other tools such as fades. We are going to start on our titles soon once we have finished our video.