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Print Media That Communicated Meaning

Symbolism is important.

Below shows an annotated copy of a poster advertising a live Muse concert. I have attempted to clearly outline how each bit of text and image convey meaning and draw the reader’s attention. Every bit of space conveys meaning, nothing is wasted and understanding this is essential to when I make my music magazine. Fonts, font size, positioning, what information goes where, what images are used, what aesthetic I want to use, it should all be relevant and have purpose.

To expand on this, all information should fall under a concept called “MES” which encapsulates colours, fonts, images, gesture, body language and lighting in an article and what relevance they have to said article. This is crucial to get across to my audience, what it’s about, what will draw them in, what’s topical, new or relevant to the article. All of these aspects should be considered when choosing what I add to my magazine and is crucial to making it convey a certain narrative in that it should be recognisable in what it is.

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