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Technical Camera Terms

Three weeks into media studies and I’m finally producing some decent media.

Working a camera is like raising a child, one wrong move and your shot at making something good is gone. Then your camera proceeds to rebel against the societal norm and angrily smoke saying “You’re not my real dad”

I digress, it’s hard, there’s much to consider when making a shot. Framing , aperture, the ISO, shutter speed to control many factors such as lighting, angle, what the shot represents and other vague aspects that a shot may entail. These aspects are highly important because it changes the message of the scene dependent on these aspects. For instance, Levi putting his thumb up at the camera can be portrayed as a nice gesture, but given darker lighting and a close-up view it could seem more sinister, make the viewer ask questions like “what are his intentions?” as he is the main focus. That said, it’s really important consider these main aspects when making my music magazine, I want people to understand I cover music and in a specific genre I want something lighthearted, maybe a mid-shot of someone happily grooving out for hip-hop or a serious close-up if I want to do a more “hardcore” genre.

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