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Today I learnt how to plagiarize other people’s work 🙂

What I actually learnt was how to use Adobe InDesign, continue my knowledge on Photoshop and learn to make do with what you have. Now, you may be thinking, “That’s Noel Gallagher from the early 2000s this isn’t accurate” and to that I say: yeah. Finding images online that aren’t already provided to me by the company I’m working for turns out to be quite difficult so I was forced to make do with what I had and all things considered, I feel I captured a similar Mise-en-scene to that of the original. Aspects like the masthead and the main cover image reflect a similar air to that of the original whilst not having the original resources such as font and images of the musicians; cover lines that stick out and are informative, etc.

Quick breakdown of my work vs. the original:


  • All Relevant information presented
  • Similar font and colour scheme conveys the same messages
  • (Minus the low resolution pictures) Image conveys a similar message


  • Colours are off in some places
  • forgot the date on the logo
  • Spacing between letters is off in some places
  • Ideally Damon would be in front of the logo however the switching between Photoshop and InDesign proved this to be difficult.
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