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My Tour Poster

Kanye 2020

In my search to become the ultimate rapper of all time it occurred to me that I should probably look for inspiration. So I took a sample set of six different posters relating to my assigned genre (rap) and tried to figure out what made them tick. I came to the conclusion that the aesthetic given off by the posters is that of rebelliousness but also humbleness; not particularly flashy but also says “I’m my own person”. Five out of 6 samples used very straight fonts, very simplistic and blocky. Four samples used very simplistic designs, using very little information that is, while relevant, short and sweet to the point allowing the artist to take center stage.

Using this information, I created my own rap poster, using the likeness of my former colleague Zoe, I created something that took the idea of simplicity and created my own brand of Rap Phantom (Copyright 2020 all rights reserved ©).  Using a similar font scheme and concept of the rappers taking center stage I created both a great inside joke and a somewhat decent poster.


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