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Star Image – Theirs and Mine

Exiting this Earth’s Atmosphere Beyond the Geostationary Orbit Level Jumping Into the Nuclear Star Tonight, Alright.

Ignoring my giant nerdgasm above, It’s time to look at my giant nerdgasm over my favourite man in the universe. Of course, in a purely constructive manor; examining what makes his character and music blend and just “work”. Aspects like how his music is stylized, his performance live, cameos and appearances in various other medias, how the media portrays him and his overall social media presence. What I found is a disparity between the artist Camellia, and the person Camellia. One inherently chaotic and reticent, another outspoken and socially active. I feel this exact concept ties in perfectly with Richard Dyer’s star paradox; where a star is both extraordinary, yet ordinary. Superhuman, yet humble and human.

Looking at these two different extremes of his character, I’ve deduced for my own star I should find a good balance. As such, I’ve created my own mood board to note some traits found in some other EDM artists as well and discuss what aspects are common in the EDM scene.  As Camellia holds such diversity in his overall style I feel like replicating this style would be a good way to encompass the overall genre. Aspects like the elements of uniqueness (hair, patterns, etc) shown in Camellia’s music but still with a feeling of looking ordinary.

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