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So… How’s it Going?

Going well. Took the dogs out, vibed to some music and… Wait what do you mean this isn’t what you wanted?

Keeping on top of this blog and magazine has frankly been a roller coaster considering how late a lot of my work has been. The development process has been a cruel mistress (Or more like I am my own cruel mistress). That said, however, what can I take away from this experience? My concepts on Photoshop and InDesign have definitely improved; manipulating photos and making aesthetically pleasing assets has never been such a smooth process in the past. That said I’ve also managed to improve on what inherently makes an aesthetically pleasing product. Aspects like spacing and angles and what fonts combo well. Furthermore, outside of the tech world, I’ve managed to understand how to communicate with models and peers to improve my final products, that said not all credit should go to me.

Credits to:

  • Zoe – for being an outstanding star and my go-to for feedback and emotional support
  • Luke – for being a good star and overall just unit
  • Miss Cobb – for keeping me on track, despite our differences in philosophy
  • SAMString – for letting me use his likeness and giving me some information to base my dps off
  • SAMString’s Family – for reviewing my DPS, really unexpected


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