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Time to become a corporate shill!

As a requirement of becoming a profitable and viable business, I need investors! More specifically advertisers to appeal to my audience. So what would my audience be interested in? First to consider is just generally my genre. Headphones, soundboards, microphones, just things generally used in music production. Research for my audience, however, shows for a very run-of-the-mill income and this kind of equipment can be quite pricey, nor is the average person going to necessarily produce music. I’ve ultimately decided that headphones are a good bet to fit in both of these categories. It’s a very safe, inexpensive, option which anyone listening to music would want. Appeals to everyone, plain and simple.

So I chose these two headphone ads. The first fits a very technical, futuristic, aesthetic similar to that of EDM. The other shows a simplistic aesthetic with the product against a bright background for contrast.


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