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Why My Contents Page Doesn’t Work in Context of it’s Genre

**Auxiliary Post**

Ultimately after reflecting on it for a while I’ve come to realise that my contents page is lacking the most out of all of my pages. Ultimately I do not feel that it represents what my magazine is very well. Well, why is this?

I came to the realisation that what I was going for, while unique, is too indie. Sure the sword and all that, really oriental, fits the artist’s style and he is one of the feature articles. In that regard he’s a really unconventional artist with an unconventional style. The problem with that is that I tried to use conventional techniques to show a cover page regarding EDM. The bland colour palette of mostly pale colours didn’t lend itself to the genre. On the front page I’ve got mixes of blues blacks and reds, all the colours in between. DPS, I go for a purely monochromatic scheme and go for simplicity. The contents page? Nothing goes well with pale. And the stern, serious nature of the star didn’t lend itself to be creative and add some unconventional, fun stuff in there. The mix of genre and the style of the artist just does not work. There’s a line I have to tread between genre and star, the approach I took to this snapped that line. Getting too caught up on this idea screwed me over for the finer details

Now realistically, I could do a redesign, there’s still time. But I’ve put myself through enough ice cream to know I’m done with amending this magazine. All I can do is call out the flaws.

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