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Prelim Task Mood Montage

Gotta get your head in the game, son.

This past week I’ve been developing a small one minute montage with my selected partners to get to grips with making a video. We took the concept of “Practice makes perfect” and made a montage of a guy trying to shoot a basketball hoop. Here are some things I’ve been told to reflect on.

  1. Do you think your montage has an impact?
    I think my montage was a bit short to have any lasting impact. However, it got the point across well enough to say it did.
  2. Do you get a sense of feeling or story / relationship?
    There’s a scene of this guy walking in, looking at the hoop and immediately the goal has become clear: score a basket. The story forms around the progression to that point.
  3. How does one specified cut create meaning?
    0:34 – the cut to black with the song muted, to then fade in with the song muffled. Shows that it’s been a long time of failed attempts, but as the song gets louder it builds up the successful shot to be all the more rewarding.
  4. Is there a sense of progression or are you trying just to reflect an experience?
    No shot ever seemed to be better than the other in terms of our mid section. So I can’t say inherently it had a sense of becoming better over time.
  5. Do you use repetition of some shots? If so, how do they help communicate your idea?
    We used one scene where we cut between three different shots on the basket. It was pretty cool not gonna lie.
  6. What additional shot would you have liked to get to further communicate the idea?
    Given more time, a better progression in the middle and more of a satisfying ending with the star walking out how he came in.
Storyboard of montage

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