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Favourite Music Video from Former Student

I’ve nothing funny to say about this one it’s just high key good.

I’ve been told to look into some of the former year’s music videos, analyse what I like about them, what I don’t like, etc.
I chose “Can’t Hold Us” by Jake Bishop

I really liked this piece because it had a very unique take compared to a lot of the other samples. It’s use of special effects is unprecedented in terms of the previous media student’s works. Furthermore the key framing looked extremely crisp. You can barely tell they’re on a green screen and it works heavily to their advantage with the backgrounds used. Lip syncing was also extremely on point. As a performance piece, this work is probably one of the best works I’ve seen in terms of our former year’s works. It’s use of different angles works well, the special effects on point, lip syncing and performance looks extremely natural. Overall, incredible work.

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