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Green Screen Studio Filming

I have become all things green and screen

The other day we popped down to one of the few college of FE centres in order to learn a few things about green screening and how to record green screen (Also doubling as a lip syncing exercise.)

Things that should be noted when recording green screen:

  • Do not wear a shirt that is the same colour as the background (Unless that is the desired effect.)
  • Do not cast shadows on the green screen, doing so could make editing hell later on.
  • Ensure lighting is consistent across the entire shot, multicoloured lighting may prove to be problematic.
  • Jumping, at least in this studio, would put you over the green screen and ruin the illusion.
Us getting a debrief by someone who’s touching his face during a global pandemic
Myself and Luke Halker getting ready to embarrass ourselves in front of the class
Lewis, aka an absolute pansy, recording the video


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