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Pitch + Feedback

Okay hear me out… I, the moon, staged the moon landing.

Our pitch for Touch Tone Telephone has been green-lit by our teacher and we’ve been given the go-ahead for starting production over the next few weeks. We held a meeting, shown below, and we took some criticism to consider .



  • Clear vision of narrative
  • Good focus on props
  • Good group dynamics
  • Story oriented, with a cut and dry theme
  • Performer set and ready for action
  • No existing official music video exists, all ideas are original.


  • Stay motivated and focus on the goal, easily distracted group
  • Ensure we can convey our ideas fully
  • Even distribution of tasks between members of the group
  • We need a shot caller to take charge of the group
  • Lots of ideas, little time. Narrow it down to the key achievable
  • Need a good focus on execution.


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