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Visual Shot List for Shoot 1

PG rated joke

Below is a shot list for our first shoot. We looked at various shots we could include in our initial shoot with various gif examples and explanations on what they achieve. These are some fairly generic shots which we thought about how to implement in our music video. As well as some more nuanced shots relating to our specific video. Our music video technically falls within the “pop” genre which is very mainstream and conventional. In that regard there tend to be a lot of mid shots or long shots with intense focus on the star’s thoughts and feelings shown through a rather static performance. However, Touch Tone Telephone isn’t traditional pop. It has a story to tell which is very niche and out there so we’re tackling the music video in an unconventional way. Examples like the close up or low angle showing the star in a position of intimacy and self imposed power with the audience, telling them about this greater conspiracy.

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