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Time to stalk the general public for the second time

In researching Lemon Demon (or their associated members) no official documentation was really available to take from. This required us to look at some more third party polls and analytics from less reliable sources. That being said, here’s what we discovered about our audience (with a grain of salt). The study we agreed on was done by user Parksmanteau on Reddit (thread here) and the presentation details audience gender, interests in other bands. You can see the full presentation here.

The survey concluded that a majority of lemon demon fans are male, under 18 and mainly LGBTQ+ meaning that Lemon Demon’s appeal is aimed at largely younger, more progressive audiences.

The study also further concluded that those who are interested in Lemon Demon also are interested in the following bands:
Brockhampton – American alternative hip hop band
Mitski – Japanese-American indie rock singer-songwriter
Tally Hall – American (indie) rock band
Mother Mother – Canadian indie rock band
Jack Stauber – American synth-pop singer-songwriter
They Might Be Giants – American alternative rock band
Oingo Boingo – American new wave band

Given this information, we can start suiting our music video accordingly to appeal to the audience of the music. We can target themes and references which we can encode into our production for our audience to decode and add value to our production. Given that our audience is also heavily born in the 2000s,      there are a lot of references to the internet and modern media we can encode as our video is based around online conspiracies.


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