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Shoot 1 Reflection

Hindsight is 2020. Oh wait…

After getting a few shots over the course of 5 hours it’s time to see what we did right (and what we did very wrong).

What was done well:

  • Our character we’ve developed has moulded quite well
  • Communication was strong
  • Good ideas thrown around
  • Homoerotic energy was strong

I shared a document with the group highlighting some things to improve on in future shoots which you can see here

Here are some main reflections to take from the shoot:

  • Our artist needed more time to learn the lyrics
  • We didn’t have multiple takes of certain shots to use in our edit
  • Some shots lack the engagement or movement, especially in close ups
  • We didn’t have concrete ideas for certain lyrics which led to a lot of confusion
  • Mise En Scene was lacking focus, a lot of just random stuff scattered around the room with no rhyme or reason.
  • We had a lot of things we wanted set down but not the aspects which we needed.
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