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Author: alexradford

Test Shoots

Testing Testing…

Here is a practice shoot featuring myself to prepare us for the real thing. We went through the shooting and editing process front to back in a 30 second clip of our song to get to grips with the tech and work out some mise en scene along the way to use in our main shoot.


  • Good variety of camera angles and techniques
  • Good mise en scene
  • Editing is timed to the music well

Some points to note:

  • Could record longer clips for certain sections in case we need them, more clips to work with smooths out editing
  • Could work on framing, a lot of the time had to move the camera to fit me into frame
  • Camera focus could be worked on

Visual Shot List for Shoot 1

We like to drink with Patty, cus Patty is our mate. and when we drink with patty he gets it down in 8. (shots, as in drinking, Miss Cobb)

Below is a shot list for our first shoot. We looked at various shots we could include in our initial shoot with various gif examples and explanations on what they achieve. These are some fairly generic shots which we thought about how to implement in our music video.

Made with Padlet

Pitch + Feedback

Okay hear me out… I, the moon, staged the moon landing.

Our pitch for Touch Tone Telephone has been green-lit by our teacher and we’ve been given the go-ahead for starting production over the next few weeks. We held a meeting, shown below, and we took some criticism to consider .



  • Clear vision of narrative
  • Good focus on props
  • Good group dynamics
  • Story oriented, with a cut and dry theme
  • Performer set and ready for action
  • No existing official music video exists, all ideas are original.


  • Stay motivated and focus on the goal, easily distracted group
  • Ensure we can convey our ideas fully
  • Even distribution of tasks between members of the group
  • We need a shot caller to take charge of the group
  • Lots of ideas, little time. Narrow it down to the key achievable
  • Need a good focus on execution.


Permission From Artist

I pay in exposure.

For legal reasons we got our legal advisor (Zoe) to email the artist of our music video on our behalf to request usage of the music for our video. Due to copyright law we cannot legally upload the video online without permission from the artist.


Final Song Choice

Everybody’s gonna hear me out

Between everyone in the group we all agreed on choosing Zoe’s pitch, Lemon Demon – Touch Tone Telephone. Overall we decided that, while mine and Luke’s ideas were decent, Zoe’s ideas were much more flushed out, but also simple so we aren’t required to do a lot of running around when it comes to shoots.


Perfect Production Group

Let the chaos begin.

After a long time spent secluded from society, now is time to finally start working on the music video. We have all been set groups as to whom we are working with, my partners being Zoe Sneddon and Luke Halker. Below is the agreement we’ve all arranged being in this group together. Hopefully no relationships will be harmed in the production of this film.

Initial Ideas for a Video – Mini Pitch

Hej Hej Monika

After some deliberation and some vague planning this is the song I am choosing to pitch, Daria Zawialow’s Hej Hej

After having watched the music video and falling in love with the song I started building my own interpretation of the lyrics, which culminated into several ideas I could work with. The fact it’s a foreign song also gives it an air of uniqueness and allows me to toy a lot more with interpretation as the audience will have to understand what the song is about through the video rather than the lyrics.



Green Screen Studio Filming

I have become all things green and screen

The other day we popped down to one of the few college of FE centres in order to learn a few things about green screening and how to record green screen (Also doubling as a lip syncing exercise.)

Things that should be noted when recording green screen:

  • Do not wear a shirt that is the same colour as the background (Unless that is the desired effect.)
  • Do not cast shadows on the green screen, doing so could make editing hell later on.
  • Ensure lighting is consistent across the entire shot, multicoloured lighting may prove to be problematic.
  • Jumping, at least in this studio, would put you over the green screen and ruin the illusion.
Us getting a debrief by someone who’s touching his face during a global pandemic
Myself and Luke Halker getting ready to embarrass ourselves in front of the class
Lewis, aka an absolute pansy, recording the video


Favourite Music Video from Former Student

I’ve nothing funny to say about this one it’s just high key good.

I’ve been told to look into some of the former year’s music videos, analyse what I like about them, what I don’t like, etc.
I chose “Can’t Hold Us” by Jake Bishop

I really liked this piece because it had a very unique take compared to a lot of the other samples. It’s use of special effects is unprecedented in terms of the previous media student’s works. Furthermore the key framing looked extremely crisp. You can barely tell they’re on a green screen and it works heavily to their advantage with the backgrounds used. Lip syncing was also extremely on point. As a performance piece, this work is probably one of the best works I’ve seen in terms of our former year’s works. It’s use of different angles works well, the special effects on point, lip syncing and performance looks extremely natural. Overall, incredible work.

Detailed Music Video Analysis

Am I The Pretender?

Here are two music videos I’ve analysed more in depth:

Chained to the Rhythm is a political piece by Katy Perry discussing our consumption of media and how we’re part of the same corporate cycle, but also how¬†she is also part of that cycle.

Click to view analysis

The Pretender is about calling out people who are all the same, similar to Chained to the Rhythm, and how the artist will fight against “The Pretender,” a metaphor for those stuck in the system.

Click to View

Using these analyses I’ve taken some pointers as to how to add some visual representation in my own music video. Chained to the Rhythm’s use of making fun of pop culture was a very tongue-and-cheek way of delivering it’s message, which is fitting for the genre. Whereas The Pretender, as a performance piece, instead opted to utilise a more subtle representation whilst not detracting from the performance in itself.

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