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Why My Contents Page Doesn’t Work in Context of it’s Genre

**Auxiliary Post**

Ultimately after reflecting on it for a while I’ve come to realise that my contents page is lacking the most out of all of my pages. Ultimately I do not feel that it represents what my magazine is very well. Well, why is this?

I came to the realisation that what I was going for, while unique, is too indie. Sure the sword and all that, really oriental, fits the artist’s style and he is one of the feature articles. In that regard he’s a really unconventional artist with an unconventional style. The problem with that¬†is that I tried to use conventional techniques to show a cover page regarding EDM. The bland colour palette of mostly pale colours didn’t lend itself to the genre. On the front page I’ve got mixes of blues blacks and reds, all the colours in between. DPS, I go for a purely monochromatic scheme and go for simplicity. The contents page? Nothing goes well with pale. And the stern, serious nature of the star didn’t lend itself to be creative and add some unconventional, fun stuff in there. The mix of genre and the style of the artist just does not work. There’s a line I have to tread between genre and star, the approach I took to this snapped that line. Getting too caught up on this idea screwed me over for the finer details

Now realistically, I could do a redesign, there’s still time. But I’ve put myself through enough ice cream to know I’m done with amending this magazine. All I can do is call out the flaws.

Penultimate Draft

So there’s a big disparity between what’s gonna be shown here and what my previous drafts have looked like, here’s a catch up before the final draft:


Front Page:

  • “EDM” Text made to pop out a bit more
  • Add one more artist to round out the bottom]
  • Move around Yuna and Quark to be more centered with each other


  • Put the page number of Yuna onto the image, make the SAMString article white instead
  • Line spacing on cover lines
  • Border on Yuna?


  • Shift around the paragraphs a few millimeters
  • Swap the stand first and the logo
  • Get rid of stand first logo


A New and Improved Contents Page

Rub a dub (Rub a Dub) Go to space (In the club) Bring it back (Bring it back)

Below is a recording of a peer going through these different questions and giving me targets to work on for the final draft:

  1. Does the contents page work with the front cover
  2. Describe how the star is conveyed
  3. How do the cover lines tempt the audience, do they work
    1. how do they reflect a music magazine as a whole
  4. What areas prove to be distracting
  5. What aspects do you consider conventional/unconventional


  • Bold cover lines
  • Lessen the blue on bottom right image


New Magazine Draft


Front Page:

  • Banner featuring artists
  • cover lines
  • Brighter background
  • Something to go over top triangle


  • Put each article closer together, more towards the top. Leave less space
  • More cover lines
  • Page no.
  • Yuna Bio + picture


  • Quote on image – top left
  • Standfirst
  • Format for paragraphs


A New Improved DPS

Out with the old in with the same thing

Here’s an updated set of my double page spread. Since last time I added some general metadata things i.e page number, written by, photo by, etc. Some minor additions which are conventional like the small notice at the bottom saying there’s an interview a page over. Overall tried making my background visuals less subtle, feels a lot less monochromatic now.

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