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Penultimate Draft

So there’s a big disparity between what’s gonna be shown here and what my previous drafts have looked like, here’s a catch up before the final draft:


Front Page:

  • “EDM” Text made to pop out a bit more
  • Add one more artist to round out the bottom]
  • Move around Yuna and Quark to be more centered with each other


  • Put the page number of Yuna onto the image, make the SAMString article white instead
  • Line spacing on cover lines
  • Border on Yuna?


  • Shift around the paragraphs a few millimeters
  • Swap the stand first and the logo
  • Get rid of stand first logo


A New and Improved Contents Page

Rub a dub (Rub a Dub) Go to space (In the club) Bring it back (Bring it back)

Below is a recording of a peer going through these different questions and giving me targets to work on for the final draft:

  1. Does the contents page work with the front cover
  2. Describe how the star is conveyed
  3. How do the cover lines tempt the audience, do they work
    1. how do they reflect a music magazine as a whole
  4. What areas prove to be distracting
  5. What aspects do you consider conventional/unconventional


  • Bold cover lines
  • Lessen the blue on bottom right image


New Magazine Draft


Front Page:

  • Banner featuring artists
  • cover lines
  • Brighter background
  • Something to go over top triangle


  • Put each article closer together, more towards the top. Leave less space
  • More cover lines
  • Page no.
  • Yuna Bio + picture


  • Quote on image – top left
  • Standfirst
  • Format for paragraphs


A New Improved DPS

Out with the old in with the same thing

Here’s an updated set of my double page spread. Since last time I added some general metadata things i.e page number, written by, photo by, etc. Some minor additions which are conventional like the small notice at the bottom saying there’s an interview a page over. Overall tried making my background visuals less subtle, feels a lot less monochromatic now.


Time to become a corporate shill!

As a requirement of becoming a profitable and viable business, I need investors! More specifically advertisers to appeal to my audience. So what would my audience be interested in? First to consider is just generally my genre. Headphones, soundboards, microphones, just things generally used in music production. Research for my audience, however, shows for a very run-of-the-mill income and this kind of equipment can be quite pricey, nor is the average person going to necessarily produce music. I’ve ultimately decided that headphones are a good bet to fit in both of these categories. It’s a very safe, inexpensive, option which anyone listening to music would want. Appeals to everyone, plain and simple.

So I chose these two headphone ads. The first fits a very technical, futuristic, aesthetic similar to that of EDM. The other shows a simplistic aesthetic with the product against a bright background for contrast.


Feedback and Reflection on Draft DPS

I’m not gonna pick mercy, I’m not gonna play any kind of support

Now I need to look at what I need to improve on for my DPS. After some consideration and feedback from my teacher and others here are some main points of focus for my DPS:

  • Metadata stuff
  • Progression from each page to the next
  • Add a background, keep dark but give it some effect

Magazine Draft


Here’s what I have so far for a very loose draft of my magazine. Below is a screencastify given to me by my teacher to address her qualms with my current work.

Front Cover

  • Change date to not have specific day
  • Slanted text needs other aspects to match
  • Potential pug, though I feel like that may detract from the simplistic aesthetic
  • Colour?
  • Keep simplistic but add more subtle detail


  • Still need to add page numbers
  • For some reason fonts didn’t export, will change accordingly
  • Who’s the guy in the background?
    • how to convey this?


  • Generic metadata stuff (working on it)
  • Progression from each page

Draft of Contents Page


Given my research into contents page I decided that going for a “Features” page was likely my best bet considering the library of pictures I have. That said, here’s what’s next:

  • Change fonts
  • Add page numbers
  • perspective shift text onto the sword
  • mess around with some lighting/colour
  • Keep it simplistic

Draft of the DPS


So to begin this is a very loose barebones look at what I’m going for, the Ariel font and blank space everywhere being a big tell. But of course, it’s a draft. Everything’s subject to change! Some things to note:

  • Add full title
  • Add journalist/photo credit/other credits
  • fill the black void
  • Find a suitable font
  • Keep things simplistic, don’t go much further in presentation than what’s presented here

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