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Music Video Draft 1

Proof of what now?

Below is our proof of concept for our music video. We added some colouring with this split screen effect, which we plan to use (in concept).  The clip covers the bridge at the end of the song wherein the main character is on phone call to, who we refer to as, “Alter Ego.” Having the split shot between the two talking to each other, with the contrast in colour schemes (the main character’s shots haven’t been recorded at this time so we used two alter ego shots instead).

Some targets to work on:

  • get main narrative shots
  • find ways to use this dynamic to enhance the piece by utilising contrast in interesting ways
  • More post production aspects; Adobe Aftereffects?


Risk Assessment For Narrative Shoot

Cisk programming

There’s not much on this risk assessment as most of the shoot will take place in school. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t account for minor things as even if those aren’t accounted for it may cause issue down the line.


Star Image – The Performer

***Initiating Supernova Sequence***

To further get a grasp on how to represent his music, our group looked further into Lemon Demon and Neil Cicierega to get a taste of who they are and what they. as stars, represent. This is so we can encode similar motifs in our music videos which resonate with fans of Neil and his band. Neil was formerly known for creating “memes” early on in the website Youtube’s lifespan. These would include works such as “Potter Puppet Pals” and “Brody Quest.” These “memes” were of a satirical nature and were inherently very simple concepts. Integrating music into a fun and dumb video which resonated with his core audience. Cut to present day and through both music and social media, Neil presents his content and himself in a very similar way. Very satirical, comedic, all the things which present themselves throughout his content. Cicierega’s hit song “Two Trucks Having sex” is yet another good example of his comedic nature. Wherein the cover art is a giant statue of Freddy Mercury’s head, sung with a really bad Freddy Mercury impression wherein he is singing about two (specifically) American pickup trucks having intercourse whilst it is inferred the singer gets off on this idea. It’s more so apparent in Touch Tone Telephone wherein the caricature of a conspiracy theorist is shown conspiring over this grander scheme, it’s purely satirical. Neil doesn’t stop at his artistic side though, as presented on social media, Cicierega posts “dad jokes” and really out-there ideas meant for a quick laugh. Ultimately, Neil Cicierega is a man of the present day and at the forefront of post modernism. With a lot of his works being satirical and remixes of currently existing things, a niche most prevalent on the internet today.

Narrative Development

I think it’s time… For you to know…

Below is the planning document for our second narrative shoot. Discussing various conventions, mise en scene, props, etc.


Location has since changed to our school’s white photography studio.



Shoot 1 Reflection

Hindsight is 2020. Oh wait…

After getting a few shots over the course of 5 hours it’s time to see what we did right (and what we did very wrong).

What was done well:

  • Our character we’ve developed has moulded quite well
  • Communication was strong
  • Good ideas thrown around
  • Homoerotic energy was strong

I shared a document with the group highlighting some things to improve on in future shoots which you can see here

Here are some main reflections to take from the shoot:

  • Our artist needed more time to learn the lyrics
  • We didn’t have multiple takes of certain shots to use in our edit
  • Some shots lack the engagement or movement, especially in close ups
  • We didn’t have concrete ideas for certain lyrics which led to a lot of confusion
  • Mise En Scene was lacking focus, a lot of just random stuff scattered around the room with no rhyme or reason.
  • We had a lot of things we wanted set down but not the aspects which we needed.

Production Meeting for Shoot 1

haha dslr camera go brrrrr

Here is our production meeting agenda for shoot 1 containing date time, equipment, props, costume, the works so we have a good foundation for our shoot.

Shoot Title Narrative Shoot 1
Date of Meeting: Friday 3rd July
Date/Time of Shoot: Sunday 5th July

10:30 – 4:30

Location of Shoot + Equipment needed DRP Basement (town)

Equipment borrowing: Camera (Levi), Gimble (Luke)

Props/Costume to bring:

Tin foil (hat)

Glasses (Luke – red tint)



red string



Water drops (tears)



Dirty tshirt

Flannel shirt

White sheet

Model Levi Laurence
Levi will be playing the role of a conspiracy theorist, shut up in his basement and madly creating various theories and ideas as he aims to convince others of his conspiracies.
Costume + Make Up


What is it? Who’s responsible?
Make up

Shadows under eyes

Tear effect (“I’m crying now” line)


Brushed, messy

Jeans, loose fitting

Flannel shirt


Glasses (red tint)


Plasters on hands









Props (photos) Tin foil Hat


Scattered notes on floor




What do I need to remember whilst filming (what is in the background, detail? Visual Shot list) We will need to tidy up afterwards, there are people living in the apartment upstairs so we c   annot be too loud.

We have a general shot list, wanting to ensure some long, mid and close up shots as well as some specific acting on certain lines.


Risk Assessment

risc and cisc assessment

Before we go out on shoot here are some basic outlines for potential risks, where we are going to be and whether the potential dangers are controlled.

My signed copy of the risk assessment

As for the location, Zoe got in contact with her dad and we arranged shooting our music video in the DRP basement. We figured the cramped basement space would fit our mise en scene quite cosily.

Describe Your Audience

Time to stalk the general public for the second time

In researching Lemon Demon (or their associated members) no official documentation was really available to take from. This required us to look at some more third party polls and analytics from less reliable sources. That being said, here’s what we discovered about our audience (with a grain of salt). The study we agreed on was done by user Parksmanteau on Reddit (thread here) and the presentation details audience gender, interests in other bands. You can see the full presentation here.

The survey concluded that a majority of lemon demon fans are male, under 18 and mainly LGBTQ+ meaning that Lemon Demon’s appeal is aimed at largely younger, more progressive audiences.

The study also further concluded that those who are interested in Lemon Demon also are interested in the following bands:
Brockhampton – American alternative hip hop band
Mitski – Japanese-American indie rock singer-songwriter
Tally Hall – American (indie) rock band
Mother Mother – Canadian indie rock band
Jack Stauber – American synth-pop singer-songwriter
They Might Be Giants – American alternative rock band
Oingo Boingo – American new wave band

Given this information, we can start suiting our music video accordingly to appeal to the audience of the music. We can target themes and references which we can encode into our production for our audience to decode and add value to our production. Given that our audience is also heavily born in the 2000s,      there are a lot of references to the internet and modern media we can encode as our video is based around online conspiracies.


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