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Digipak Draft 3

La piece de resistance

In finishing our third draft for our digipak we’ve tried to address the idea of empty space within our digipak, mainly on our front and back cover, so I added a fake FBI stamp to fill in some more space, I also figured that the back cover could remain mostly empty because it’s not a primary focus to the album itself, though in adding the barcode I found it made the back feel less empty, so ultimately a win. Analysis aside though; we need to see if we are appealing to our demographic. Answer to this? We made a poll and sent it out to a group of our peers of possible genres our album might be. We chose Rock, Metal and Punk as the false genres because we figured that the subject matter isn’t necessarily outside of the demographic of each groups, but we’re hoping that the subtle details bring out the inherent idea of an indie band.

Given some time, these were our responses:

Only three responses but it’s as good as we’re gonna get.

Next up was to put our digipak into a physical album case to get a feel for the authentic product we’re producing.


and of course the pdf and images of the product itself are found below.


Digipak Draft 2

Due to my absence the drafts from here out may be different to my other group members and other future developments (such as the social media website) may utilise different drafts.

We added some stains and some articles to add that extra mise en scene to the work. We tried to gather relevant pieces so as to make it more authentic and the stains make it look like this case file is old; it has been handled for a long time.

Some Key Takeaways:

  • Works well and links well with themes
  • Need barcode and copyright
  • Need Spine
  • Needs more blanks to be filled
  • Back needs to be a bit more grungy
  • Feels flat, add drop shadow?
  • integrate some form of interactive marketing?

My key takeaway from this review is that overall the draft just needs finalising. We’ve implemented the key concepts, now we need to sand the edges and add the minor details.

Digipak Draft 1

Absolutely Paking

Here is our first draft for the digipak. We have the basis for the full front, insides and back of the digipak. We have yet to develop the spine as part of the album.

I think we did a good job showing each side of the digipak as part of the folder. Despite the limited space we have to work with, it really looks like you’re cracking open a case file, though we don’t actually having any files to look at yet.

And now, a brief self assessment.

What Works?

  • Looks like an authentic case file
  • mastered the conspiracy aesthetic while making it look more professional (like a real FBI case file)
  • Addition of different styles of paper breaks up the image
  • Lighting is on point
  • big fan of the red paper clips
  • Relevant band name, album cover and songs to match

What Needs to Be Done?

  • Put relevant (copyright free) articles on the blank sheets of paper
  • minor aesthetic changes like adding a coffee stain on some of the paper
  • Authentic FBI watermark
  • Make the casefile look more handled

Assessment Criteria:
Use of camera and Photoshop to take & manipulate engaging images

While our images are nothing super complex, it’s still important that our images are of good quality and we have a distinct variety. In producing our digipak I believe we succeeded in this aspect. Many Images were taken, with varying angles and experimental lighting so we had variety to choose from. Our props are well framed and arranged well in order to integrate other images into the design in photoshop.

Selection and Mise-En-Scene in the photos and the meaning it communicates

I think our mise-en-scene is very easily communicated to the viewer. Immediately when looking at the digipak you know that there is a case, a case to be solved. The words “CONFIDENTIAL” impose a sense of importance to said case and draws the viewer into the mystery. When you open the file up you will (in the future the images aren’t there yet) discover a large array of files, some scribbled on top of and others in big bold text screaming about aliens, with some various UFO imagery. The inside cover just drives home to the audience the sense of a greater conspiracy. The back cover, maintains the aesthetic whilst reading off a track list for the band. Yet is also done in an impersonal way, separate from the case file as a post-it note so as to not break the immersion.

Creative Use of DTP to integrate images and text and use colour/typefaces

I really enjoy our use of typefaces, it really brings together our mise-en-scene. For example, on the front cover, the confidential stamp was achieved by taking a fitting font and added some overlays of grungy textures to make it look like an authentic stamp one would see used on an FBI case file and I think we achieved this perfectly. Beyond the stamp, the only other form of type face is and will be handwritten. Aspects such as the band name and song names are handwritten, showing that they’ve been written over by someone, adding to the mise en scene of it being a handled case file.

Overall I enjoy the direction this current draft is going. Our mise en scene is strong and our ideas for post production are looking to be heading in a direction which really bolsters our current themes.

Contact Sheet and Evaluation

Man it’s been a while

We really went ham in terms of this photoshoot. One would think you’d only need a few images for such a simple design, but we insisted on experimenting with different lightings and angles to really get the right fit for our digipak. I’d say it looks clean and perfect for what we were ultimately going for!

A photo of the basic setup used for the shoot.

Photoshoot / Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment

Haha just kidding… Unless…?

Given our current plans for the digipak design, we have concluded that we will not need a model for the shoot. Thereby, due to the simplicity of what we need for our digipak, we will not require a PMA or Risk Assessment for this piece as all is required is we take some basic photos of what is needed within a controlled environment.

That being said, our plan is to compile some shots of a folder’s front and back (containing various documents or blank sheets of paper to impose documents onto) as well as the folder’s inside. We’ve humoured the idea of adding coffee stains to some of the paper so that’s also to take into consideration. Here is our full prop list:

  • Brown paper folder
  • Files to go inside folder (Will need to add some scribbles to some documents)
  • Coffee (A must have to any sleep deprived student)
  • Red Paper clips
  • Yellow Post-it notes

We shall simply perform the shoot in class (conveniently there’s a kettle in the classroom hehe) with a plain black sheet as backing. Will need to arrange some lighting so the arrangement looks proper, while simple we still need to make it look the part.


Hand Drawn Mockup

[No hands were drawn]  >[Use: 8] [return]

After seeing the genre conventions, establishing who our audience is and talking extensively about irrelevant, yet somewhat related, subjects, we created some mock-up designs. We tried to tie all in the idea of conspiracy. We have the case file, we have the documents, the red string while also trying to tie in the conventions of the digipak before us.

Branding Mood Board

Bad mood

To get a grasp of some conventions, we looked at similar artist’s digipaks and noted down what made them work. Aspects like just simply genre conventions, colour schemes, what the covers contain, etc.

Made with Padlet

Digipak Conventions Analysis

Welcome to Digistruct Peak

To get further inspiration for our digipak, I looked at our competition. In specific, the album Oh My Heart by Mother Mother. I went into details regarding the things shown on the cover, things like representation, conventions, etc.

Our Mission Statement

He’s a… Secret Agent!

Now we start development of our digipaks. Below is a slideshow involving our key ideas, strategies and branding. Features such as: Who is our audience, our call to action, the competition and what makes us unique.

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