Our Mission Statement

Who is your Audience?

  • Who they are (demographics) – Mostly Baby Boomers (All age groups enjoy it)
  • What other media they consume and participate in – (Daily news, Classic Rock, Indie)
  • What their values attitudes and beliefs (ideology / psychographics)

A Call to Action

  • How do you want the audience to engage with your star / album
  • How will they invest time and money in your star / album

Who are the competition?

  • Name three similar bands / artists. Arctic Monkeys/ The Strokes/ The Stone Roses
  • What are the trends in album designs of similar stars / bands?
  • What does their website look like?

Your USP (Unique Selling Point)

  • Is your star already established or are trying to establish a new presence in the market?
  • What is your star image & how are you trying to innovate / develop that image?
    • Are you mixing up elements of different genres?
    • Are you trying to re-brand your star?
    • Are you emphasising the ordinary or extraordinary?
      • Remember according to Dyer meta narratives include both.

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