This picture contains a Rita Ora tour poster. The purpose of this poster is to attract all of her fans with the use of various different parts of Mise-En-Scene. Mise-En-Scene is the arrangement of props,makeup and hair, setting, costume, lighting and acting which allow media to portray a specific meaning. I have labelled many different parts of this poster as they all show different parts of Mise-En-Scene. Doing this has taught me to understand all the different aspects of Mise-En-Scene and what they connote.  This knowledge will help me to make my own work in the future as it allows me to understand all the different ways that Mise-En-Scene can portray different meanings. The use of connotations in this poster creates a specific feeling or meaning that the poster is trying to portray. Whereas the use of denotations shows the actual meaning that the poster might be portraying.