Personally I think that this fits Blumler and Katz because if fits well into the idea of the Social Interaction, Personal Identity, Information and Entertainment and Diversion. I also believe this represents it well because it represents all of their ideas and what they actually thought about media and what it did. The Blumler and Katz theory helps me to understand what the different types of media portray to people and how it affects them.It also helps me to understand the different meanings that various media can have. In this collage you can see many apps that I use which also link into the Blumler and Katz theory.

For example Youtube would be seen as social interaction as me and my friends might follow the same Youtuber or watch the same videos which allows us to talk to each other about the video. Another example might be Facebook, which provides me a source of Entertainment or Diversion. Things such as Snapchat and Instagram, all provide ways of Personal Identity, things like music might also do the same.  BBC Sport provides me with information.