We were given a set genre to research. Our allocated Genre was Punk. On doing research we found many different types of punk music. We found out punk items included things such as leather jackets, denim jackets, bracelets and Mohawks.

We decided that the idea of a punk theme consisted of very dark ideas. We decided that the idea of punk was quite edgy. Punks tend to be very out there with their dress code. They also seem to be very aggressive with the facial expression that they might make. This creates the feeling of rebellious and and fierce. Punks are represented as bold and this could come across from the idea of their accessories that they might be wearing or the facial expressions that they might be making.


After doing all of our research we decided that we wanted to dress our models up in quite a dark fashion. I think that the use of Mise-En-Scene to create our punk as things such as makeup, hair and accessories were very key to making our punks. Many members of our class believed that we did very well in creating the idea of a punk. They believed that the use of hair and makeup to make our model look rough and messy.

Some of the adjectives used were things such as

  • Rebel
  • Freak
  • Fierce
  • Expressive
  • Emotional
  • Dark
  • Edgy
  • Cool
  • Gothic

IMG 0134 – I think that the use of facial expression in this picture was quite good. I also think that the proxemics between the actors were good as it shows the togetherness of the punks.

IMG 0147 – I also think that this picture is good as it shows the actor looking into the distance. It creates a feeling of emotion as he doesn’t want to make eye contact with the camera.

IMG 0138 – I don’t think that this image is very good as you cant see much of the facial expressions coming from the actor. It doesn’t allow you to understand the feelings of the actor.

I believe that this picture works better than the rest of them because of the facial expressions on both of the actors. I believe this because it looks like the actors are looking into the picture to try and portray a specific meaning to the viewers. I also think this is good because it creates a mysterious kind of feeling. Overall I think that the purpose of Mise-En-Scene is a very important way in portraying a specific meaning with the viewers. I believe this as it allows the viewers to engage with the media, whether this may be through the use of accessories, makeup, hair, lighting or setting. It is a good way to connote a specific meaning to the audience.