We have been studying cameras this week. We have been studying things such as distance, framing, angles and composition. When doing our photo shoot we were trying to portray the feeling of isolation, depression and anger. In many aspects I think that we achieved what were were trying to portray, but in some of the cases this is not true.

For example picture 8718 did not have enough light exposure. This means we should have increases the aperture as it would have allowed more light into the picture allowing us to show of the model more. As we didn’t have the correct aperture on this photo it means that we were unable to see the model and the entire photo was just dark.

Furthermore I think that image 8703 had too much light exposure in the picture. This means that there was too much aperture in the picture and there was not enough shutter speed. I also think that the use of depth of field was poor as it meant that the model was too far away and you couldn’t really see what was happening.

Overall I think that we did quite a good job of capturing all of the different emotions that we were trying to portray all of the different feelings and emotions. The use of shutter speed and aperture linked together were very effective in creating different effects on the images.

For example image 8676 had way too little light exposure due to the aperture settings.