The aims of this was to try and use different camera angles to portray a different meaning through various different pictures. This will allow me to understand and create a meaning when I plan to make my music magazine with the front cover page. For example if I were trying to do an angry magazine I would be able to show it through the use of the picture as it would create a meaning to the viewers.

I believe that we achieved our aims with these pictures quite well. I think this because of the way in which we were able to show emotions through use of depth of field, aperture and lighting. I can use this is my production work to allow me to portray a different meaning to the viewers through things like depth of field, aperture and lighting.

Some of that hashtags I used were good in showing different emotions and feelings that the images might be representing. For example some of the adjectives such as isolated and alone represent the emotions and the feelings that are current in the picture. Another example of this could be loneliness and segregation in which portrays two different emotions but both portray a similar meaning.