The idea of this draft was to give me an idea for my layout of my double page spread and how it would look when I have added all of my articles and images. In doing this post I have used a professional double page spread for guidance. I have received peer feedback which will help give me guidance on how I can improve my double page spread.

  • Describe the images of the star using adjectives – Serious, meaningful, intimidating, moody, aggravated. It looks like he has a purpose
  • Which cover lines tempt the audience to read on and which ones stand out and why? I think that the use of the cover line “Inside the mind of Carson Daniels” is quite good because it would make the audience want to understand what the might have been saying or what he might have to say. Other than that there are no cover lines so I think one think Alex could do might be to add a few more cover lines.
  • How do the cover lines reflect a music magazine? If they don’t, which ones need to be adapted? I currently believe that his cover lines don’t fully reflect a music magazine and therefore he might need to adapt them in order for them to have some more relevance towards the music magazine.
  • Which areas, aspects have distracting areas of integration of copy and images? I don’t think that there are any parts of the double page spread that are overall distracting. I think that the use of the image is very good with the spacing of it and how it fits into the double page spread.
  • What aspects do you consider conventional or unconventional? I don’t think that there are any parts of this double page spread that are unconventional. I think this because the use of the picture, the title and all of the writing fits well into the double page spread and nothing looks like it should be out of place.
  • Does the language and register in the headline create enough interest for the reader to commit to reading the copy? I think that the headlines will be good in attracting the readers attention because it is all about the artist and what he has been up to and what he has been thinking.
  • Is the layout considering where the fold will be in the DPS? As of now it is not fully clear where the fold in your double page spread would be.
  • Does the image create enough visual intrigue for the reader to stop turning the page and read more? I think that the images within the double page spread are quite intriguing through the poses that the model is making. This attracts the readers attention and makes them want to read on.

Targets for development?

  • I plan on adding a nothing smaller inset image so that the page doesn’t look to bland and blunt.
  • I also want to include more cover lines to help explain different things throughout the double page spread.
  • Another thing that I want to change is the size of the blocks of writing. One thing I want to do is make it more consistent throughout the entire double page spread.
  • I also plan on trying to add a quote from a star within the text somewhere. This would allow me to break it up so it doesn’t look too much like an essay.