Month: January 2019

The Very Final Drafts!

Above you are able to see my most recent, mostly finished draft of my Front Cover, Contents Page and Double Page Spread. The changes that have occurred in these drafts have come from feedback that my teacher has given me, as you should be able to see below.  The changes occurred in which might have made the pages more conventional and make the pages look better all round.

Some of the changes that my teacher said I should make for my pages I haven’t included as I decided it might make it look a bit unconventional. Some of these might be things such as including another inset image onto my front cover. I decided not to do this because I decided it might have made the page look too cluttered. Some things that I did might be things such as adding a price and a sort code to my front cover, as well as changing some colours of my pages, such as the lines on the contents page and the colour of the background on my double page spread. Another huge thing that I changed throughout the pages was the fonts that I used, as the font looked a bit boring and was too similar throughout the entire articles.


Both of these adverts are not my own work, and will not be assessed as my own work. I have simply chosen them as I believe they would be something my target audience would be interested in.

I decided that I was going to use this advert for many reasons. One of the main reasons that I decided I was going to use this advert is because of the use of the colour scheme. I think that the use of the colour scheme is good as it relates to what the people in my magazine might be interested in. Another reason that I decided to use this advert was because of the use of the fashion. I think that the use of the fashion is good because it is very vibrant and would attract the viewers attention. I also think that this advert is good because of the use of all of the inset images. The use of the inset images allow there to be different parts of the advert which would attract the attention of the audience. 

I decided that I was going to use this advert because I believe it is something that my audience would be attracted to. One reason that I think this is because it has got a childish aspect to it. As I believe my target audience is around the age of 16-22 I believe that this would fit in well. Another reason I believe that this advert would be good is because of the use of the colour scheme. I think that the colour scheme is good because it doesn’t look too out there. Another thing that I think that is good about the advert is the fact that it doesn’t look too cluttered on the page. 

Draft 5 Work in Progress

These are the current drafts of my of my front cover, contents page and double page spread.

Front Cover – I have completely changed my front cover. I have changed the font in which my masthead is in. I also completely changed the layout of of the front cover so that it would look better. I also included a different picture into my front cover, as well as a different colour scheme. I have also added new plugs and pugs throughout the page. 

Contents Page – Within the content page I have changed the placement of the images, I have also added more colours to it so the entire thing is not boring to look at. I also changed the placement of the inset image so it doesn’t take up too much place within the page.

Double Page Spread – The changes within my double page spread include adding a border to some of the page. Another thing that I changed is the fade within the background, as well as the placement of the quote and the inset image. I also added lines within the text to separate it, as well as make it look more conventional. 

After looking at my peer feedback some things I need to change are:

  1. The cropping of my inset images as there is a lot of empty space in the boxes.
  2. Another thing he said to try was experimenting with different pictures as I have only tended to use mid shots.
  3. Another thing he said to play with was the cropping of the hair around the my image on the double page spread.
  4. Also another target was to try and punctuate words such as “won’t”

Feedback on Article

I have now completed writing my article, which will be attached to the document. I have also inserted the newest version of my article into my double page spread. 

By adding my article into my double page spread it allows me to receive feedback about how it looks on the page, and how well it fits, this is why you will see ‘continued page 77’ at the end of the article to explain that it has gone onto the next page.

I am happy with how my article looks on my double page spread. I have tried to make the spacing between the words.

The things that I changed within my article were very minimalist things. One thing that I changed within the article were making sure I called my head star by the same name. For example calling him Daniels or Carson.

Another thing that I changed was simple punctuation mistakes as well as spelling mistakes. Another thing that I changed within my article is my stand first.

I did this as it meant that the audience could get some type of a sense of location. I also added some new quotes and I also tried to make it clear that you could tell of the presence of the interviewer, by using many different words to show this.

Please see the full article here

To gather feedback on my article I have asked Harry to read my article aloud. This helps me to understand if any parts of my article might be difficult to read or might be difficult to understand.

 Targets for improvement. 

After listening to Harry reading my article, I have come to the decision that some parts of the article might be hard to read because of my choice of language, so that is something I will be looking to change in order to making the read a bit smoother. Another thing that I noticed is that some of the words continue onto the next page, making it hard to read. Another thing that I decided I need to change is some of the words throughout the article might not have made sense, therefore this is something that I will look into changing. 

Draft 4 Feedback and Targets

Front Cover – From this screen castify I have decided that to improve my front cover I am going to cut out my picture so that I am able to change the colour of my background. I have also decided that I am going to change some of the writing as it gives away too much of what might be in the remainder of my magazine. I will also try and resolve the problem with the stretching of the inset image. I am going to add a background colour into my title so the entire thing is not just the same colour.

Contents Page – The factors that I am going to change within my contents page are adding more features. I am going to do this because having only 4 makes it seem a bit bland. I am also going to try and include my name of the magazine somewhere as it might be seen as branding.

Double Page Spread – For my double page spread I am going to try and improve the spacing around my stand first. This will allow the page to not look as cluttered.

Article Idea Development

I have decided that I am going to be writing about the male within my article (Carson Daniels) I decided that I was going to write about him because I have got some good pictures which I feel I would be able to write a good article about.

One thing that that I think would be important to the audience would be that they would be interested in the article. I think its important that the audience would understand what is happening in the article, and that some people might be able to relate to it.

Things that might be currently trending include things such as Drake songs. These songs might be trending at the moment as they have all got quite a lot of meaning behind them, as they quite of describe something that might have happened.

I believe that I am going to start my article with a quote from the person the articles about. I think that this would be good because it would instantly get the readers intrigued into the piece. It would allow them to grasp onto the article and make them want to keep reading. I might make the start of my article quite serious to set a specific tone straight away.

I have decided that I am going to use one of my pictures as a hook. Within the picture you are able to see my model with a finger over his mouth as if he were to be silencing somebody. I think that this would allow me to include quite a lot of detail within the article. I am using one pf my pictures for many reasons. One reason might be because it could have a lot of meaning behind it. They also make me want to write about them because i feel like I would be able to write quite a meaningful article with the use of the picture.



Language Analysis

Music Magazine – Language Analysis

  1. The magazine that I have decided to study is called ‘The Beat’ The date in which the magazine was produced was June 20th 2015. The title of the article comes under the name ‘Adam Lambert: Don’t look back’ The author of the article was Shirley Halperin.
  2. The structure of the article that I have decided to analyse is an interview. Personally I think that there is not a obvious presence of the author. I think this because she does not make it clear that she might be asking question, as it tends to include mostly quotes from Adam Lambert himself. I think that the impact of this is good because it might enable the readers to relate to how Adam might have been feeling. It is good for the audience to relate to how he is feeling because it might make the article more meaningful for the readers. I also think it is good because it doesn’t distract the audience from the key purpose of the magazine. We have got no clear ways of understanding where the article is written. This is because she doesn’t include any details about where the interview might have happened or where is was written. The article is written in the first person, which is good because it shows exactly what he would have said. Through the use of first presence you can’t tell that their is a presence of the author because it just quotes from Lambert.  I think that the use of words throughout the article are very key. The words such as “negative, hard, critical” I think that the use of words are really good because it sets the tone for the article. I think that direct quotes are important because it shows a meaning and helps create the mood of the article.  This creates quite a sad impression of the article, but it is quite key as it might help a lot of people to relate to it. There are quite a few quotes used throughout the article. This is because it is an interview and the quotes are used to show the answer of Lambert. I think that the experience that the readers would be experienced would be quite moody, some people might also find it quite hard to read, as it explains all of this negative thoughts. I also think that this is the case because of the use of some of Lambert’s responses such as “a lot of us go through life trying to recreate something that has already happened, and that causes us to to run around in circles chasing his tail”
  3. In conclusion I think that the journalist represents the star in quite a depressed way, she makes it seem as if he is not happy with his life and is not happy within himself. But she also portrays him as a solo artist in quite a good light. She goes on to mention the fact that he had landed quite a few popular pop hits throughout his time as a solo artist. She continues to explain how he was singing 80s songs even though he admitted that its not his type of music.
  4. I think that the fans would want to read this type of article as it would give them an explanation into the backstory of the artist. I think that the age of my target audience would be. I believe that the target audience age would be around 16-22. I believe this as it would be the younger fans that would interested in this article. I think that the fans would gain an understanding about the situation that had occurred between themselves and Daniels as well. Although the article might seen a bit sad in some aspects, I think that the audience response would be good because it has got quite a lot of positives in it, as they might see it as an apology from the artist and an explanation about what else they have got to look forward to.

My Work In Progress

Here you are able to see my current Front Cover, Double Page Spread. Within these three pieces of work I ended up changing a few aspects. One thing that I changed within the front cover would have been to change the colour of the font. I changed it from red to blue as I felt that blue suited my genre better.

Within the double page spread I decided to change the colour of the main Carson Daniels to match the rest of the page. I then also underlined the sub title and changed the shapes of my text boxes, as well as adding in lines between them.

For my contents page I added a fade colour within my background. This works well as it matches the colour on the remainder of the contents page. This allowed me to match all of the pieces together. I also added different colours throughout the contents page.

So… Hows Is It Going?

When in the design phase of my magazine I knew what I was going to accomplish with the use of the genre and Images, and I think that knowing what I wanted to create helped me a lot as I knew what I wanted to achieve.

One of the key design skills that I have learnt whilst making my magazine is that you need to have similarities throughout the entire magazine. One way you could do this, and the way I did this was by having a very similar colour scheme and font throughout my front cover, double page spread and contents page. In doing this it has allowed me to create a link throughout the different parts of the magazine.

I also learnt that the images are a very crucial aspect when it comes to portraying the set star image and the genre. The use of Mise-En-Scene to dress the actor as well as facial expression and makeup all has a key part to play into the genre of the magazine.

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