Music Magazine – Language Analysis

  1. The magazine that I have decided to study is called ‘The Beat’ The date in which the magazine was produced was June 20th 2015. The title of the article comes under the name ‘Adam Lambert: Don’t look back’ The author of the article was Shirley Halperin.
  2. The structure of the article that I have decided to analyse is an interview. Personally I think that there is not a obvious presence of the author. I think this because she does not make it clear that she might be asking question, as it tends to include mostly quotes from Adam Lambert himself. I think that the impact of this is good because it might enable the readers to relate to how Adam might have been feeling. It is good for the audience to relate to how he is feeling because it might make the article more meaningful for the readers. I also think it is good because it doesn’t distract the audience from the key purpose of the magazine. We have got no clear ways of understanding where the article is written. This is because she doesn’t include any details about where the interview might have happened or where is was written. The article is written in the first person, which is good because it shows exactly what he would have said. Through the use of first presence you can’t tell that their is a presence of the author because it just quotes from Lambert.  I think that the use of words throughout the article are very key. The words such as “negative, hard, critical” I think that the use of words are really good because it sets the tone for the article. I think that direct quotes are important because it shows a meaning and helps create the mood of the article.  This creates quite a sad impression of the article, but it is quite key as it might help a lot of people to relate to it. There are quite a few quotes used throughout the article. This is because it is an interview and the quotes are used to show the answer of Lambert. I think that the experience that the readers would be experienced would be quite moody, some people might also find it quite hard to read, as it explains all of this negative thoughts. I also think that this is the case because of the use of some of Lambert’s responses such as “a lot of us go through life trying to recreate something that has already happened, and that causes us to to run around in circles chasing his tail”
  3. In conclusion I think that the journalist represents the star in quite a depressed way, she makes it seem as if he is not happy with his life and is not happy within himself. But she also portrays him as a solo artist in quite a good light. She goes on to mention the fact that he had landed quite a few popular pop hits throughout his time as a solo artist. She continues to explain how he was singing 80s songs even though he admitted that its not his type of music.
  4. I think that the fans would want to read this type of article as it would give them an explanation into the backstory of the artist. I think that the age of my target audience would be. I believe that the target audience age would be around 16-22. I believe this as it would be the younger fans that would interested in this article. I think that the fans would gain an understanding about the situation that had occurred between themselves and Daniels as well. Although the article might seen a bit sad in some aspects, I think that the audience response would be good because it has got quite a lot of positives in it, as they might see it as an apology from the artist and an explanation about what else they have got to look forward to.