Front Cover – From this screen castify I have decided that to improve my front cover I am going to cut out my picture so that I am able to change the colour of my background. I have also decided that I am going to change some of the writing as it gives away too much of what might be in the remainder of my magazine. I will also try and resolve the problem with the stretching of the inset image. I am going to add a background colour into my title so the entire thing is not just the same colour.

Contents Page – The factors that I am going to change within my contents page are adding more features. I am going to do this because having only 4 makes it seem a bit bland. I am also going to try and include my name of the magazine somewhere as it might be seen as branding.

Double Page Spread – For my double page spread I am going to try and improve the spacing around my stand first. This will allow the page to not look as cluttered.