These are the current drafts of my of my front cover, contents page and double page spread.

Front Cover – I have completely changed my front cover. I have changed the font in which my masthead is in. I also completely changed the layout of of the front cover so that it would look better. I also included a different picture into my front cover, as well as a different colour scheme. I have also added new plugs and pugs throughout the page. 

Contents Page – Within the content page I have changed the placement of the images, I have also added more colours to it so the entire thing is not boring to look at. I also changed the placement of the inset image so it doesn’t take up too much place within the page.

Double Page Spread – The changes within my double page spread include adding a border to some of the page. Another thing that I changed is the fade within the background, as well as the placement of the quote and the inset image. I also added lines within the text to separate it, as well as make it look more conventional. 

After looking at my peer feedback some things I need to change are:

  1. The cropping of my inset images as there is a lot of empty space in the boxes.
  2. Another thing he said to try was experimenting with different pictures as I have only tended to use mid shots.
  3. Another thing he said to play with was the cropping of the hair around the my image on the double page spread.
  4. Also another target was to try and punctuate words such as “won’t”