I have now completed writing my article, which will be attached to the document. I have also inserted the newest version of my article into my double page spread. 

By adding my article into my double page spread it allows me to receive feedback about how it looks on the page, and how well it fits, this is why you will see ‘continued page 77’ at the end of the article to explain that it has gone onto the next page.

I am happy with how my article looks on my double page spread. I have tried to make the spacing between the words.

The things that I changed within my article were very minimalist things. One thing that I changed within the article were making sure I called my head star by the same name. For example calling him Daniels or Carson.

Another thing that I changed was simple punctuation mistakes as well as spelling mistakes. Another thing that I changed within my article is my stand first.

I did this as it meant that the audience could get some type of a sense of location. I also added some new quotes and I also tried to make it clear that you could tell of the presence of the interviewer, by using many different words to show this.

Please see the full article here

To gather feedback on my article I have asked Harry to read my article aloud. This helps me to understand if any parts of my article might be difficult to read or might be difficult to understand.

 Targets for improvement. 

After listening to Harry reading my article, I have come to the decision that some parts of the article might be hard to read because of my choice of language, so that is something I will be looking to change in order to making the read a bit smoother. Another thing that I noticed is that some of the words continue onto the next page, making it hard to read. Another thing that I decided I need to change is some of the words throughout the article might not have made sense, therefore this is something that I will look into changing.