Above you are able to see my most recent, mostly finished draft of my Front Cover, Contents Page and Double Page Spread. The changes that have occurred in these drafts have come from feedback that my teacher has given me, as you should be able to see below.  The changes occurred in which might have made the pages more conventional and make the pages look better all round.

Some of the changes that my teacher said I should make for my pages I haven’t included as I decided it might make it look a bit unconventional. Some of these might be things such as including another inset image onto my front cover. I decided not to do this because I decided it might have made the page look too cluttered. Some things that I did might be things such as adding a price and a sort code to my front cover, as well as changing some colours of my pages, such as the lines on the contents page and the colour of the background on my double page spread. Another huge thing that I changed throughout the pages was the fonts that I used, as the font looked a bit boring and was too similar throughout the entire articles.