My Continuity Video

I have used the following camera techniques –

  • One of the camera techniques I used would be the close up. Another camera technique that I used would have been to make sure that the camera was completely stable to minimize any movement within the clip, I did this by using a tripod rather than hand filming it. I also recorded them from over the shoulder of each of the actors to show different facial expressions throughout the clip. As well as this I placed the camera from distance to understand the proxemics between the two actors. The use of framing was also key in making sure the shot didn’t look too clustered when reviewing the clip, and it allowed me to make sure there were no distractions within the frame.

I used these techniques to create a sense of –

  • I did this in order to portray the emotions and the feelings of the actors as the scene progressed. It creates a sense of suspense as the emotions change throughout. It allows the viewers to relate to the emotions. As well as it allowing to portray emotions it also helps to viewers to understand what is happening in the scene and the tension that might have been caused by the attitudes of the characters.

I have learnt to use the following continuity editing rules –

  • One of Continuity Editing rules that we used was Match On Action. Another rule we used would have been Shot Reverse Shot. We also used the Establishing Shot as well as the Eye-line Match. The final Continuity Editing rule I used was the 180 degree rule.

I used these rules to –

  • I used the Match On Action to portray the frustrations that might be occurring within the scene, for example when Holly snatches the jumper. I used Shot Reverse Shot so we could see facial expressions of both of the actors when they were talking and how these might change as the conversation progresses. The use of the Establishing Shot allowed me to explain a sense of place to the audience. The 180 degree rule was key as it meant that we always saw the same side of the actors and that it didn’t confuse the audience.

I have learnt to use the following tools/techniques in Premiere Pro –

  • Some of the tool I used included things such as the Razor Tool and the Mark In and Mark Out, as well as the Scale Tool.

I used these tools to –

  • I used these tools to cut up certain parts of the clip in able to make them link to each other perfectly. It allowed me to successfully insert the successful part of videos in the clip to make it the best it could possibly be. I also used  the Scale Tool to help fix a framing issue we had. 

If I was to do this project again I would do some things differently –

  • If I were to do this project again I would have tried to experiment with a larger variety of shots and used different type of Continuity Editing Rules throughout. I would have done this to expand on my ability to understand how the editing rules fully work. Another thing I would do if I were to redo this task would be to try and minimize the space around the actor in order to keep the focus on the actor, therefore meaning the viewers don’t get distracted.

Here you can see the script in which we used to film the video. I have annotated this in order for me to understand the type of shots I would have needed to use when editing my video.